The BBP Baby MOT

A Bumble Bee Physio Baby MOT is a full and thorough physical assessment of your baby’s gross motor skills. These can take place at any age and any time!

What is Angelman Syndrome?

Angelman syndrome is a neurological condition caused by a genetic mutation. It leads to learning difficulties, gross motor delay, and an increased chance of epilepsy.


In Angelman syndrome, there is a problem with the messages travelling to the muscles from the central nervous system. There is nothing wrong with the muscles themselves, and with the correct intervention, children with Angelman syndrome can strengthen their muscles, and improve their gross motor skills, just like any other children.

Angelman Superheroes

Our superheroes with Angelman syndrome are super-strong and fearless! Research suggests that fear memories are reduced in children with Angelman syndrome. We use special handling and experienced techniques to challenge our children’s balance, saving reactions and help them to reach their full physical potential, enabling FUN with friends!