Contact Bumble Bee Physio for a free telephone consultation if you have concerns about any of the following:
  • Your child's physical development or ability to keep up with peers

  • Signs of clumsiness

  • Slow development with walking, crawling, sitting, rolling or other milestones

  • Premature baby and delayed milestones for corrected age

  • Your child's posture, foot or leg position

  • Your child's recovery from an injury or fracture

  • Your child has a diagnosis of a condition where you feel physiotherapy may be beneficial for ongoing development

Conditions treated


  • Musculoskeletal and sports injuries

  • Neurological conditions, including cerebral palsy

  • Tip toe walking

  • Balance and co-ordination problems

  • Developmental delays

  • Gross motor delays

  • Pre- and post-operative Selective Dorsal Rhitzotomy (SDR) 

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome