Superheroes in training

Martina has been with Bumble Bee Physio for six months, seeing both Hannah and Jasmin for her physio sessions in the comfort of her home each week. When she first started, Martina was not able to sit on a bench by herself.


However, now she has not only mastered this skill, but has also started to stand on her own – a huge achievement for our little superstar!


Tapping into her adventurous side, Martina loves being outdoors and when we’re blessed with good enough weather, Martina is sure to persuade Hannah and Jasmin to do her physio sessions in the playground – the perfect environment for Martina to get the most from her new found physical abilities.


Martina works with a great team of therapists who all help her to achieve her full potential. Hannah and Jasmin have worked jointly with Martina’s speech and language therapist, orthopaedic surgeon and school teachers to ensure excellent communications, consistency and results for Martina.

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Henry is a kind and friendly four-year-old who loves reading, bouncing on his gym ball and singing! His favourite song is ‘She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountains’ which is often met with a beaming smile during his physio sessions.


Hannah was had the pleasure of working with Henry, who has a diagnosis of Rett Syndrome and is non-verbal, for almost three years. Over this time Hannah has seen some fantastic results due to Henry’s hard work, motivation and determination.


Henry has now learnt to sit up by himself, kneel all on his own, and stand up using his own legs to take all his weight – an absolutely fantastic achievement!


Since his diagnosis Henry has had an amazing team of therapists helping him achieve his goals. Hannah has and will continue to work jointly with his orthotic team, speech and language therapists, music therapists, school therapists and occupational therapists, for a streamlined and collaborative working approach to Henry’s care.